Ask Cheerilee and Berry Punch

We need YOUR opinion. The answer shall not be “I do not know” or “All of them”.

So which one do YOU think is the cutest?

  1. hewhoisbob answered: PINCHY
  2. fearanger answered: BERRY! X3
  3. pinkielover123 answered: Pinchy!!!
  4. ask-netscapepony answered: PINCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. abidava answered: Pinchy !
  6. ask-sadistic-charlotte answered: Answer is always Pinchy if you asked!
  7. rollypony answered: Um…Pinchy.
  8. mm3100 answered: Pinchy
  9. nlgma answered: Cheery
  10. askstripes answered: Nopony can outcute Pinchy
  11. askfillycelestia answered: Cheery
  12. humanflea answered: pinchy
  13. quanscouts15 answered: All of them
  14. dozymouse answered: CHEERY.
  15. askvgpony answered: Berry
  16. ask-soulsq3orjenny answered: Cheery is the cutest.
  17. oakydokey answered: Pinchy~ :D (though props to Berry too)
  18. ask-firefox answered: pinchy
  19. ask-green-patch answered: Cheery!
  20. twilighthooves answered: Uh…uh……uh….. *brain explodes*
  21. random-sneaker-kitty answered: Cheery
  22. goldenzeal answered: i prefer berry’s color, but both of them are pretty much the same cuteness level, so my vote is on berry
  23. the-heir-of-skeletons answered: pinchy. Always pinchy
  24. askmaryscarf answered: Berry :)
  25. armlesscharmer answered: Cherries eyes go me o.o